19 March 2011

Your Health - urgent call to action

This time a less inspiring subject, but just as important. Another field ['we are the ones!'] where we can and must take responsibility. Please make a short survey on the following subjects and get involved:

- Health Choice - please >>> sign the petition <<< & spread the message.

- Codex Alimentarius
- Nurture Traditional Medicinal Cultures
- Sustainable Healthcare
- Say NO to GM
- Vaccine Choice
- Clean Drinking Water

Hippocrates (founding father of modern western medicine) said: 'Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food (link). Now contemplate on that. Or this fact: in ancient times in China, the doctor was paid by the number of healthy people. The more people got ill, the less he got paid.

I see health as a birthright and not something where pharmaceutical companies can make money with. Let's fight FOR our Health instead of fighting against all kinds of diseases and cancers, which are all symptoms of a deeper cause: ignorance.

Pretty interesting when you see Christianity has tried to hide it for millenia,I'm Christian and have always been in between the Gnostics and Orthodox,and it turns out,thats where the truth lies,Jesus spoke of when closing your eyes and opening up third eye,your body is filled w/light...and old Gregorian/Benedictine chants involved singing all 7 tones of fibonacci relating to each chakra,plus the cone in Vatican and on Popes staff?...if that doesn't make you look further, your blind.
We live in a very strange world of global corporatocracy, in this case the pharmaceutical companies who silently march in their agenda. Please use common sense and think about this bizar situation:

A radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology. It seeks to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy. (...) that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation (EU) and the creation of an ideal "new man" to form a governing elite through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy including eugenics. Guess how this is called...

You find this far fetched? Try out Monsanto or investigate Codex Alimentarius.

In the movie Men in Black, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones draws the distinction between a "person" and the mass of "people." He states, "A person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it." In other words, we do a whole lot of things as "people" we would never do as "persons." If you are a "person", you are making the effort to educate yourself, refusing to buy the pre-packaged party line dished out by the conventional medical establishment and media. You think for yourself and take control of your own health. Yet there are some areas that are so ingrained that we all revert to "people" thinking. I would like to discuss one of them in this presentation:


Is cow's milk an appropriate food for humans? The "people" answer is "of course," but the "person" answer is "no, it is not good for humans." Cow's milk is species-specific food for calves. It is no more appropriate to drink the milk of cows than it is to drink the milk of other mammals. We do it because we've always done it. It's a "people" thing, and on close inspection, you'll see that all our beliefs about milk are "udder" nonsense.

During this presentation I will try to explain to you what milk really is and I’m going to discuss several milk myths, such as:

Milk Myth #1: Milk Helps Build Strong Bones

Milk Myth #2: Milk is the Ultimate Health Drink

Milk Myth #3: Milk is Necessary for Growing Children

Milk Myth #4: Milk is Pure and Wholesome

Read More. And here you have another blog about health related subjects.

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