9 March 2011

2011 Integrate and Illuminate

So memories from the past will feature heavily for some of you during March. This letting go of physical belongings and places allows you to move further out of the old illusion of belonging to places and things. And deeper into the self-knowing of belonging to you, and that life is an energy journey. This is a truth we have lost our connection to in society, yet it is a truth that is now returning at great speed. - Source
Dear reader,

Today is the day of simply choosing to embrace the changes. Choose the divine intelligence of love (=energy=consciousness) and see yourself as One with everything.

Imagine Consciousness as a glass plane...

Now image that this plane shattered into a billion pieces... This consciousness is now experienced by people disconnected from eachother. What Illumination is about: is that you see the light again, you start to see with new eyes and experience the interconnectedness, that everything is One. So act accordingly: connect, integrate, cooperate and co-create...

We are the ones brothers and sisters, follow your heart, dare to face (your) darkness (it is not to be afraid of) and act in Love (which is who you are). The Kingdom/5th Dimension/New Dawn/etc... will unfold.

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  1. Unbelievable? Very believable....if I don't believe by now:). Great clip. Love Tamara