9 February 2011

What's Next? - 9 FEB 2011

Fortunately nothing dramatic happened! But what did happen on FEB 11 is that Mubarak resigned! Exactly on the date that Universal Consiousness Begins! The Grand Epoch started in Egypt (pharaos) and ends in Egypt -> Freedom of People -> Freedom of Consciousness.

911 (Sept 11) is the emergency number in the States. 112 (11 Feb) is the emergency number in Europe. Today it is FEB 9 - 2011. Two days to go... Hopefully, we will not be faced with another traumatic event. 11 FEB 2011 we enter Universal Consciousness.

But if so: please know that almost all what Main Stream Media tell's us, very, most probably will be: Half of the Story/Truth (if not a lie). Try to find out more about 911 for instance. Waking up means embracing the hidden agenda of the occult (in secret) few in 'power over'. They are playing their part of the game and still think they must and can control the We the People/Evolution/Nature. They are Us!

So up to us to Wake Up and do Something about it: bringing REAL Change, acting as One Great Loving Family : ) Real Change instead of Promised Change by politicians. Don't serve the System or Status Quo -> Become Creative. Take back Your Power again and Life is given back to you.

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