1 February 2011

Please Pay Attention to a Highly Important Subject

Please know that until the status quo remains the status quo, nothing really existential changes. The Gospel of John, 8:32, reads: "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Those words are also inscribed in marble at CIA Headquarters. So I urge you all. Go and find it! Today, it is easier to find then ever, because of unlimited access of information: uncensored! But not for long if we don't wake up.

Use internet with intuition and an open mind. With a clear and honest intention to really get some answers, clues or pieces of the puzzle. Because it all points to the direction of the unveiling of that what is behind closed doors, that what is kept secret, that what keeps us out of the loop or takes away our integrity, dignity, power and truth.

So again: pay attention to this very controversial subject. It is a first step and our: 'Tunis/Egyptian' step towards freedom. The subject is called:

'nine one one'.

Go to one of the many Dutch websites (link). Or follow the traces about this subject in English.

Very relevant links (English):
Obama's Secret.

Very relevant links (Dutch):
'In den beginne...' door Bram Vermeulen. ('Gedoog, hoop, liefde' voorbeeld van 'verborgen' inzet voor de hogere waarden van het leven, door 'waarheid' te verpakken met humor).

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