24 January 2011

The Universal Bill of Rights

Whereas Obama is calling for Unity and Cooperation, it is up to us to shape that vision. Choosing Love and a True Future. Please read Eckhart's view below. Always do 'make up' your own mind: only believe what you really choose to be real. In the end everything is an illusion (just a ride).

Obama’s Call for Cooperation

In the US President’s State of the Union address there was a lot of exhortation about making America more competitive and innovative, but the real message was seen as the camera panned out into the audience – Republicans and Democrats sitting side by side. In some cases, even political arch enemies chose to sit next to one another.

Prior to entering the Congressional Chambers, congressmen and women were looking for a "date" with someone from the other political party. The intermingling of the 2 parties made for a very different atmosphere in the room from last year when President Obama gave his address and a congressman interrupted the president calling him a liar in the middle of his address.

There are reasons we, as citizens of a New Earth, can find this so meaningful:

This collegial atmosphere is a keystone symbol of cooperation. Cooperation is action that is motivated by the heart and elevates us above the petty competitiveness of the Ego.

The Ego is all about the self-interests of the small self with its ideas in the head, plotting and scheming to control, conquer and vanquish its opponents with small ideas and petty agendas.

Cooperation, even in an initial symbolic form, shows us a movement toward higher values; a broader more universal viewpoint that starts to touch and embrace the evolutionary impulse of the Universe.

Some news commentators found the Democrat/Republican seating plan sentimental and meaningless when compared to the same representative’s behavior before and after the event. But what the American People and the rest of the world saw that night was very similar to what was one the founding principles of the United Nations. That is, if we are to become cosmic citizens of a New Earth, we must embrace an overarching vision of cooperation that exalts humanity above the petty differences of the Ego and its Pain-Body and brings us into the Present Moment of Infinite Possibility.
- SOURCE: Eckhart Tolle

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