6 January 2011

Vision for 2011

[We Are in the process of Ascension - click here for videos.]

Dear Fellow Human - Brother and Sister,

It is time to stand up for our Selves. It is time to take risks, in order to do something about the insanity that seems to increase every day.

The Vision I endorse is simpel:
1) embrace what is by loving and forgiving yourself and others
2) see each other as one: a Family with many colors

in order to make the last step: the jump that will save and free our Selves/Souls.

3) Action! >>>>> Come into action <<<<< Within the (un)limited possibilities that is presented to you in the current moment. When you do come in LOVING action, you take responsibility for what you really - in your Heart - feel that is important to stand up for, Being who you really Authentically Are.

What may 'die' is the identification of the Ego or Mind. Start to trust and follow your intuition in order to make an end to insanity: stand up for (the Tree of) Life/Love instead of kneeling for death, which is eating from the Tree of Knowledge = lies or half truths!

I come into action, and find the connection with all the people who want to enlighten, who would want to be born again.

we may Get Up and Stand Up, Stand Up for Our -birth- Right !

And that Birthright is: Enlightenment!

Beautiful isn't it? Because when we demand this right, we will be born... again. Born into a new reality (5D - non duality) and in that new reality, this all appeared to be.... a dream.


Your Other Self (In lak'ech)

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