14 December 2010

Heart & Vulnerability

This man claims to be Jesus. Fair enough, but what he shares sounds true to me:

According to him to get back to God-reliance, you may:

1. pray for Gods love to enter and feel a real longing
2. have a real longing for the Absolute Truth, no matter how painful or wonderful
3. open your heart to experience your emotions, instead of pushing them away.

One more time Jesus with very powerful information. More scientific proof?

Life is about Relation(ships) and Connection (and shame is the fear of disconnection). To become connected you have to allow yourself to really be seen, to really show yourself, without a mask, which makes you vulnerable.

You need:
- Courage (to be imperfect)
- Compassion (to be kind to/love yourself first in order to love others)
and Connection is what you get as a result of authenticity, by fully embracing vulnerability.
(Listen for instance to this Dutch song).

'You know how blame is described in research? A way to discard pain and discomfort.'

Practice Gratitude and Honour the 'Ordinary'

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