21 December 2010

Moon Rising...

But first the latest very strange observations on the sun (March 11 - 2012):

4 messages about ET's, please click on the ET label.

The anomalies and mysteries surrounding the Moon are legion and its origin (if you ignore the official and untenable assumptions) is unknown. It is a massive body to be a satellite of a small planet like Earth. It is 2,160 miles in diameter, bigger than Pluto and the fifth largest moon in the solar system. By rights, it shouldn't be there and as Irwin Shapiro, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said: ‘The best explanation for the Moon is observational error – the Moon doesn't exist.’

There is one heck of a story to be told about what is happening on, and especially inside the Moon. I have been connecting the dots with regard to the Moon for the best part of two years and it is clear to me that it is not a ‘natural’ body, but a control system that is manipulating our sense of reality to make us the slave race of those who are doing it.

Above is a 70 minute documentary which might change your perspective about life in the Universe. For further investigation try this message or do a profound survey on the internet. Key players: Steven Greer, RICHARD HOAGLAND (!), David Wilcock, Richard Dolan and many more. A Dutch webpage sharing the latest information: click here.

Would this be the dark side of our moon?

The Moon is not ‘real’? What? Yes, but hold on. There is an important point to make here. If people are going to grasp what is happening they need a blank sheet of paper when it comes to judging what is meant by ‘big’. Remember that humans have been held in a mind prison for aeons. We don’t know what ‘big’ is, or how such structures and technology of extraordinary size (to us) can be produced.

We have been living in a tiny, tiny perception bubble and the cutting edge of human technology (that we see) is the Stone Age in terms of what is possible. Once you cross the Rubicon and enter an understanding of what reality truly is and how it works, you can move forward in enormous leaps technologically and in others ways. This is what we are dealing with here. Technological capability that makes a lot of science fiction look tame. Imagine you are sitting in a cave knocking rocks together and someone told you it was possible to build a Jumbo Jet or a Space Shuttle. You’d say it was impossible, crazy. The guy’s been drinking too much mammoth juice.

But this is the kind of chasm that people are being challenged to cross in terms of their perception of the possible. The suppression of information, and so the suppression of the perception of the possible, is one of the great ways the true scale of the conspiracy stays hidden. It means that when people like me say this or that is happening, the perception censor kicks in and says: ‘That’s not possible.’ No, it is not possible for us to do it. Others can do it and they are.
- David Icke (June 2011)

man/snake/deceit/fall into the abyss - click on the photo

Conditionering versus vrijheid

Zijn wij een slaaf van ons (onbewuste) denken of kunnen we onze gedachten in een door onszelf gewenste richting ‘herprogrammeren’? Welke programmeringen liggen zoal in het reptiele deel van onze hersenen (het zgn. R-complex) besloten en waarom vertonen veel mensen zulk ‘automatisch’ en voorspelbaar gedrag (zgn. ‘hive-mind’)? Waar komt dit deel van de hersenen vandaan en in hoeverre vallen wij – Bewustzijn - überhaupt met onze hersenen ‘samen’? Hoe komt het dat mensen met een waterhoofd (hydrocefalus) toch zeer intelligent kunnen denken? En hoe zit het eigenlijk met de oorspronkelijke mens op aarde; waren dat hersenloze halfapen of vrije mensen, los van iedere vorm van reptiele-implant? Een stukje hersengymnastiek met veel vragen, schommelend tussen eenheidsworst versus eenheidsbewustzijn.

Maar eerst richten we de blik op het verleden, om te kijken naar een stukje arcane geschiedenis. Er blijken nogal wat bronnen welke heel serieus de gedachte ondersteunen dat de mens lang, zeer lang gelden in zijn blauwdruk is gemanipuleerd. - lees verder

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